Hermetic Sodality (H.S.) is an Outer Gateway or Courtyard to various initiatory traditions. It serves as an administrative body to various Orders working together towards common objectives, and it provides its members with the opportunity to work with some of these traditions and to fully interact with other members in all of them through their shared membership in the H.S.

The main purpose of the sodality is to allow its members to approach spirituality and the Great Work through various angles, and thus also allow them in due time to find which currents are more suitable to their particular temperament. While it may be true that all genuine spiritual paths lead to the same end, not all paths are suitable to every personality type. The sodality therefore allows such an exploration of various paths, allowing each aspirant to find his/her own system(s).

As it currently stands, the Hermetic Sodality unites under a single banner various organizations which work with the following currents:

Membership in the sodality requires no initiation nor are there any degrees or grades within it. Its role is purely administrative. Members must be at least 18 years of age. The H.S. is open to both men and women of any race, religion and political affiliation. The cost for membership is 50.00$US per month. Such membership provides free adherence to any of the Temples, Churches, Circles, and Initiators under its umbrella. For aspirants desiring to partake of various Orders simultaneously, this makes any financial restraints negated and educates them in the methods and aims of each

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individual organization within it.

Members of the H.S. will receive our Magazine - The Ennead: A Hermetic Sodality Periodical - which is restricted to members and mailed out to them four times per year. The H.S. also organizes yearly conventions where all Orders within it come together and provide various lectures and Initiations to all those present. These conventions are also a time for feasts and fraternal bonding for all our members.

The Hermetic Sodality aims at providing fully established locations which house all of the traditions with which it works. These ‘H.S. Gatehouses' are built with multiple Temple rooms, Laboratories and Study halls for aspirants to attend various events of the Orders to which they belong. Persons from anywhere around the world may become members of the Hermetic Sodality, and are provided with free lodging in any of the Gatehouses to which they travel. Each H.S. member must understand that applications to any Order within it will come with the requirements of that particular Order. Some of the Orders within the sodality provide correspondence memberships and others do not. Each Order may also have one time fees for Initiations which are not covered by the H.S. The sodality membership only removes any monthly or annual fees that each Order requires.

To apply for membership in the Hermetic Sodality, please fill out the following application form and subscribe via Paypal. You will then receive the latest issue of The Ennead as well as a membership card which is good for one year. The monthly payments are automatically sent via Paypal every month.

Application form